Meet our School Community


Year 4

Turnham Academy

"The pitch feels wonderful, it makes me feel free. I feel very athletic being on it. I love playing for Girls United because I love playing matches with other girls."


Year 1

High Cliff Academy

"Painting is my favourite thing to do. We have been learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. My favourite colour is yellow because that is the colour of the sun."


Year 2

Westbridge Academy

"I really like learning at Westbridge because I want to feel smart. History, writing and PE are my favourite subjects at school. All children are very lucky here because we have kind, helpful teachers, who care about us."


Year 4

Peacehaven Heights Academy

“I love how I represent other children in the academy on the Pupil Parliament. I like the fact that I can act like the Prime Minister. I have learnt about the skills of debating and this has helped me to be patient, be a good listener and know that children have the right to speak.” 


Year 5

Phoenix Academy

"First off, it's fun because you get to learn lots of different things like languages and play instruments that you've never played before.I love Phoenix Academy because I get to make new friends! Friday assemblies are great because we get PUPAC awards.


Year 6

Beddington Park Academy

"My journey here has been extraordinary, leaving at the end of the academic year will be heartbreaking. There are many amazing opportunities: before, during and after school. I can assure you that your child will make long lasting positive memories here. The trips are fantastic and let us explore many new places."